How Can I Help?

Image courtesy of @sahraashley on IG

A great way to help MMF is by volunteering your time & expertise - use the Volunteer Sign-Up link just above.

If making the journey in person is not an option right now, there are many other ways to help MMF provide quality medical care to the people of the Marovo Lagoon:

  • ​Money - MMF is a non-profit organization; your donation is tax-deductible, and 98% of your contribution goes directly to helping patients. Use the Donate Now! button to be taken directly to our PayPal
  • Medical supplies - we are always needing quality medical products, equipment, and pharmaceuticals; let us know what you could provide!
  • Reading glasses - an item we take wholly for granted in our Western world, reading glasses make a profound difference to quality of life for our patients
  • Postage stamps, stationary, thank you cards, labels, Post-It notes, and other office supplies & sundries - all are items that help substantially in a myriad of ways to the back end of running MMF